Nanometer powder for cosmetics, polishing, battery.
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Nanopowders and Nanoparticle Dispersions.

Nano Zirconium Hydroxide Zr(OH)4

Introduction: CAS#:14475-63-9 Nanometer zirconium hydroxide is white amorphous powder solid, insoluble in water and alk... .

Nano silicon dioxide powder (Nano SiO2)

Introduction: Nano SiO2 is characterized by small particle size, many micropores, large specific surface area, high surfa... .

Nano aluminum oxide for lithium battery (Nano Al2O3)

Introduction: Nano-alumina for lithium batteries is a kind of nano-powder produced by our company according to the perfor... .

Battery Grade Nano Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2)

Introduction: The special nanometer zirconia powder for batteries has fine size, uniform particle size distribution, no h... .

Company News

  • Progress in Preparation of TiO2 Nanometer Powder

    Progress in Preparation of TiO2 Nanometer Powder

    The four types of processes for preparation of nanometer powders : hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide, hydrothermal crystallization method, sol-gel method , fritted glaze and supercritical flu...

  • Application of supercritical fluids drying technology in the

    Application of supercritical fluids drying technology in the

    Due to surface effect,the aggregation of nanometer powder could be formed when using the conventional drying techniques.The supercritical fluid drying(SCFD) technique is one of the most imp...

  • Nanometer Negative Ion Powder

    Nanometer Negative Ion Powder

    Description Nanometer Negative Ion Powder Model:VK-F12 Property: The products characteristics is natural, tasteless, non-toxic and good safety. With air purification products, the eliminati...


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Hopeful Co.,Ltdis a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of nanotechnology. We produce nano powder, such as nano TiO2, nano ZnO, nano Al2O3, nano SiO2, nano Zr(OH)4, etc.and cooperateclosely and steadily with well-known research institutions, universities, national laboratories and innovative corporate giants in nanopowdersresearch and development.We are successful because we are committed to provide the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for our customers who are doing nanotech res ...