Nanometer powder for cosmetics, polishing, battery.
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Hopeful Co., Ltd is a high-tech company which is professional manufacturing nano chemical materials.

Based on our strong and professional research and development teams and technology, we continuous develop new application of our nano powders.

The company located in Tianchang city, Anhui province, near Nanjing, China.

Hopeful Co., Ltd

Main products and applications:  

  • For cosmetics (annual output: 500T each)

-Nanometer Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

-Nanometer Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

  • For Polishing (annual output: 500T each)

-Nanometer Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)

  • For Lithium Battery (annual output: 500T each)

-Battery grade nano Zirconium Dioxide

-Battery grade nano Zirconium Hydroxide

-Battery grade nano Zinc Oxide

-Battery grade nano Titanium Dioxide

-Battery grade nano Aluminum Oxide